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Sundar The Elehpant
Sundar The Elehpant
#RFSundarTheElehpant Sundar The Elehpant

Sundar The Elehpant is made from aged, grubby muslin.  He has been put through my primitive process of staining, baking, sanding and painting.

His blanket is made from a heavy homespun and lays on his back.  He has rusty stars attached to his blanket and forehead.  Sundar's tail is made from frayed jute rope and he has button eyes.

Sundar the elehpant stands 10 inches tall and is approximatley 14 inches long.

Sundar loves to give rides! Set your primitive doll on him and he will proudly take her for a ride!

Sundar The Elehpant will come to you with his own grubby name tag.

Because each item is handmade to order they can take 4 to 8 weeks for item to ship. Once you receive your order you will see that it was worth the wait.


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