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Pumpkin Door Greeter
Pumpkin Door Greeter
#RF1200PumpkinDoorGreeter Pumpkin Door Greeter

This handcrafted Pumpkin Door Greeter is thin and will hang between your doors.  A great fall greeting to your friends!

The pumpkin is made of quilted material.  It has been colorwashed and aged with our homemade staining brew.  Spanish moss and rusty jingle bells are  tied around the stick stem.

Attached to the pumpkin is a quilted crow that has also been colorwashed and aged.  He sits on a bed a spanish moss and a old twig.

Hanging from the crows mouth is a grubby tag that reads "Happy Fall". 

This piece measures 14 inches tall, including the wire hanger and is 10 inches wide at the largest part of the pumpkin.


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