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Leaving the North Pole
Leaving the North Pole
#RF1082LeavingtheNorthPole Leaving the North Pole

Santa's got his bag packed and he's ready to go!  One quick slide down the candy cane and he'll be off to deliver toys to all!

The candy cane and santa are both made of muslin.

The candy cane is 24 inches tall.  It has been painted and grubbied.  The red stripes are applied with a dry brush technique. The holly leaves are made of painted and stiffened muslin.  It sparkles with glass glitter.

Santa is about 18 inches tall.  He wears a suit of red courdory that is trimmed in white fur.  Santa's boots and gloves are handpainted.  His soft beard is sheep's wool and he has a pinched nose and painted eyes.

Santa's bag is made of colored washed burlap.  It is pinned to his hand with a rusty safety pin.


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