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The Holy Family
The Holy Family
#RF987TheHolyFamily The Holy Family

This set is an original and is awesome! 

Mary is made of muslin that has a primitive stain finish.  She does not have a face.  Her hands are sewn together in a praying pose. 

Her robe is blue and has been aged.  Her shawl is made of aged muslin.

Joseph is also made of muslin and has the same finish.  He has a beard of sheep's wool that is needle felted in place.  Joseph's hand are also i n a praying pose.  

 His head scarf is made  of aged muslin and is tied on with jute rope.  Joseph's robe is made of a striped denim that has been aged.  He carries a stick.

Mary and Joseph each stand 16 inches tall.  They are weighted and stand very well.

Baby Jesus is just 3.5 inches long.  He is made of muslin, has no face and is wrapped in aged muslin.

The family is sitting on a bed of moss.  This is not included. 


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