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Keena Doll-Keena Doll
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I hope you enjoyed meeting Miss Keena!  Miss Keena is a primitive black doll....she is plum tuckered out….

Miss Keena is made from muslin.  She is painted black and has been grubbied to look old and worn.  She has individual fingers and toes.  Her face is stitched and she has sheep’s wool hair.  Miss Keena wears an old flannel dress.

See, today the man came in the big wagon.  Miss Keena and the boys from the big house have all the watermelons picked and ready for market.  With the hot sun blaring down on them, they loaded each melon.  They were very careful not to drop any for it would not do to drop one and bruise it. 

The man will take them to the market where he will sell them to the townsfolks right from his wagon.  Miss Keena knows they will get a right mighty good price for them!  She also knows the Good Lord has blessed her and her family.  The money from the melons will see them through the hard winter coming.  And….they will all get new shoes and there will be money for more seed!

Miss Keena will miss taking care of the watermelon crop.  For nearly three months, Keena and the boys have tended to the watermelon daily.  It was sometimes a hard job but one they enjoyed.  Miss Keena and the boys would pass the time by singing songs and telling stories as they weeded the garden.  She will never forget the day the boys told her the funny story about the frog in the ladies room!  Or the day they played in the mud puddles after a big rain the night before.

The rest of the garden will still have to be tended to but now Miss Keena will do it alone.  The boys only help with the watermelon crop.  They will now return to their studies until next year when it is time to plant the seeds once again.

Once the last melon was loaded and Miss Keena said her farewells, she ran straight to the cellar where she had saved the biggest melon!  She sliced it up, gave the boys their pieces and headed down to the ole tree.  Her bones are tired from carrying and lifting all the melons.  She will enjoy her watermelon and maybe sit for a spell before heading back to the farm.  She wants to rake the watermelon field before dark.

MmmmmmMMMmmm!  The watermelon is so sweet and juicy!  Miss Keena wants it all for her self but, of course, she will share with Skitters and her baby.    After all, she did scare away the bunnies and kept the other crows away from the melons.

Miss Keena will come to you with her crows, watermelon and a grubby name tag.  She will also come with her story and will be signed and dated. All of my dolls come with a silver heart with the words handmade with love” inscribed on it. 

Please Note: The fabric may vary from the pic shown due to availability.  Please let us know if you have a color preference.

Because each item is handmade to order they can take 4 to 8 weeks for item to ship. Once you receive your order you will see that it was worth the wait.

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