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#RF817 Kenzy and Her Bear
Kenzy and Her Bear-Kenzy and Her Bear
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Kenzy is just precious!  She is made from lightly stained muslin that is firmly stuffed with detail given to the neck area.  Her face is hand-stiched and she has button eyes.  Kenzy's hair is brown wool and she has little strips of matching dress fabric tied throughout her soft curls.

Kenzy and Teddy have been invited to the big Valentine Party!  They are soooo excited!  The day will be here soon and Kenzy hopes she will find someone that will want to adopt her and Teddy.  She is sure that someone will fall in love with her if she looks her cutest!  And, as always, everyone loves Teddy!

To match the occasion, of course, Kenzy chose to wear her new red heart print dress.  She carefully chose her apron of eyelet lace and added tiny bows ot the edges.  Kenzy has on the cutest red undies...shhhhh....not to see but they are there!

Teddy helped Kenzy paint her shoes a pretty black and gave her white stockings to macth her dress.

Now that both Kenzy and Teddy are ready to go to the party, Teddy jumps in Kenzy's sheer heart printed bag.  But before he does, he grabs the the key to his heart and ties it around his neck.  Then he paints the words "Key To My Heart " on it. Teddy is sure he and Kenzy will be going to a new home soon!

Kenzy is an Original.  She will be signed and dated.  Teddy and Kenzy will come to you gently wrapped and full of cuteness!  Material may vary but will be of hearts. 

Please Note: The fabric may vary from the pic shown due to availability.  Please let us know if you have a color preference.

Because each item is handmade to order they can take 4 to 8 weeks for item to ship. Once you receive your order you will see that it was worth the wait.

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